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FACE eternity FACE eternity 

FACE eternity

Godless Hawking

His relationship with God, he builds on three principles showing that the universe naturally can and must arise spontaneously out of nothing, and a unique set of laws that make reality necessary for the creation of man. The emergence of the universe, therefore, is not a work of God, but the effect of scientific laws
Stephen Hawking

View Stephen Hawking to the world is the idea that living in a reality that is a mental image of the perception of our senses. The brain interprets the information which it supplied with the senses and creates a model of the external world. Thought concepts are the only reality we can know about him. When the model is successful in explaining the phenomenon, and it elements and concepts that constitute it join attribute of reality. So well designed model is becoming a reality.

The reality of our universe describe emergent laws of nature, in which Hawking seeks answers to three basic questions: Where did arise? Do you allow exceptions or miracles? Do you have a unique set of laws? If the answer to the first to be created by God, the question of who created God; If there is no answer to it, it becomes one mystery to be replaced by another. The second is that if the laws are true, exceptions or miracles do not exist and it was observed that God, for this purpose, laws excluded from the operation of the universe. In the third question it, however, thoroughly engaged in the selection and choice of law of the universe eligible for the life of man.

Our world is building four fundamental forces of nature, dictated by symmetry principles: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear interactions. Gravity, as the first universal force of nature, he discovered Isaac Newton. The theory of general relativity Albert Einstein considered a consequence, the presence of mass, curved space-time (interlaced space and time), in which the trajectory of objects is bent on giving the impression that it is acting force of gravity.

The laws of electromagnetism previously united James Maxwell and establish their relationship with light. Its speed is constant in all reference systems, which is, by making space and time relative, Einstein found the explanation of the special theory of relativity.

With these two forces described the laws of classical physics, the nature of the detected force and the weak and strong nuclear interactions, which, in the quantum micro-world, describing the simultaneous feature and particle and the wave behavior. Therefore, a new model of reality, the universe becomes quantum physics. Its laws describe nature as a factor that neither the future nor the past does not accept with certainty. Rather only determines the probability of diverse events. The particles have a defined position while they are on the way, but with a certain probability of exceeding each of the path that connects the start and end point of time.

In a famous experiment with two slits that, when the light (or the wave properties of particles) pass through them, the display shows the interference rings, history particles is its trajectory. Richard Feynman is postulated that the probability of any observations based on the sum of the probabilities of all possible histories that lead to it. Ring interference is explained by the trajectory passing through one slit interfere with those who are going through the second; and if you illuminate the slot to see if the particle passes through it, because you are the observations need another option, rings interference on the screen will appear. Way to clarify the past, therefore, determines the nature of our reality. His observations we shape history, and not one of us.

Countless different universe!

Scholars are basically interested in the theory of everything that would be one law, according to quantum theory, unite all forces. To this end, it adopted an ad hoc theory of the Standard Model that successfully unites the forces of electromagnetic and weak interactions and agrees with all the experimental observations. In the final analysis, however, does not satisfy because essentially no unifying electro-weak force with a strong and does not include gravity.

To unify gravity with the other forces of the strongest candidate is supergravitacija. The sources of power are particles (fermions), and the effects are transmitted fields consisting of bosons. Key creations supergravitacije is supersymmetry, and this makes the existence of individual partners who belong to the sacred springs and holy vectors interaction. The concept originates from string theory, which, in turn, operating only in the space-time of 11 dimensions. We perceive only four, and string theory teaches us that the other seven dimensions we can not see because they are curved in space minimum size - curled up on the level of what we call the internal space. Five different string theory and supergravitacija represent different aspects of approximation much more fundamental theory called M-theory, which rules prescribe the manner in which they can roll the dimensions of the internal space.

Depending on the manner in which they rolled up the internal space, the laws of M-theory allow universes with various forms of law. M-theory allows, even, 10500 (behind one string of 500 zeros) different internal spaces, means 10,500 universes, each with its own laws!

Stephen Hawking's relationship with God is built on three principles showing that the universe naturally can and must arise spontaneously out of nothing, and a unique set of laws that make reality necessary for the emergence of man.

Similarly, solving the boundary area (two-dimensional spherical surface of the Earth has no boundaries), enormously curvature four-dimensional space-time singularity of the universe solves the problem of the limitations of time. In his time as a fourth dimension takes on characteristics of the area. The idea that history alive in a closed hyper-surface 4-dimensional space without boundary condition is called no-limit, and the understanding that time behaves like space removes objection to the time and the universe seeking to have a beginning or creator. The emergence of the universe, therefore, is not a work of God, but the effect of scientific laws.

By the quantum probability observations of the universe Stephen Hawking comes summing up all the history that meet the requirement without-borders and ending with the standard model of the universe that we observe today. So the probability of getting the perfect 10500 different internal spaces, each of which leads to different laws and values ​​of natural constants in different universes multiverse. Our, but other universes, which would not support life, appear spontaneously, and history Fejnmanovih sum determined by what what these universes represent today.

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